Lisbon Vista Heights



The LVH homes will be equipped with Solar Power, Smart Appliances, Accessory Dwelling Units [ADU’s], CAT 6 Wiring, and includes various aspects of Green Building.   
Green Building embraces sustainable living through sustainable design, construction and operations. Green buildings reduce carbon emissions, energy and waste; conserves water; prioritizes safer materials; and lowers exposure to toxins. 
CAT 6 Wiring which reduces “crosstalk” is designed to carry more data and has faster speeds in the transferring of data and connection. The electromagnetic signals that emulate from cat cables can cause “crosstalk” when multiple cables are close to one another within a computer networking hub. CAT 6 cabling is more reliable and able to take speeds far higher than the internet. An additional benefit is the maximum output of a CAT 6 cable is 10Gbps, and it can cover a max distance of 100 Meters (328 feet). Thus, LVH homeowners probably wouldn’t need to upgrade for a long time. For ethnically diverse communities traditionally deficient or locked out of the digital divide, respectfully, this is an enormous levelling aspect.

Solar Power- For homeowners who are looking for clean energy solutions and big savings, solar power is utterly essential.  Benefits of solar power go beyond just saving money on your energy bills; you can take complete control of your electricity use and energy efficiency, reducing or even eliminating your reliance on utility companies. Even more impactful, you can directly lower greenhouse gas emissions and your reliance on fossil fuels, which provides a number of tangible environmental benefits. 

Advantages of solar energy
  • An energy source that is both renewable and inexhaustible by definition.
  • It’s very well suited to batteries and the electricity grid.
  • The sun creates local wealth and jobs.
  • Technological versatility.
  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • Green until the end of life.
The economic rewards for homeowners include:
        Reduced energy costs:                                    By maximizing energy efficiency, building green lowers operating and maintenance costs.

        Increased property values:                              LEED-compliant properties cost 21.4% more than noncertified spaces.

        Job growth and economic contribution:        Sustainable design generates millions of employment opportunities and hundreds of billions of dollars for0                                                                                    the economy.

        Improved productivity:                                   By providing better indoor air quality, building green increases productivity. Promotes a healthier internal                                                                                        environment also results in less illness.

        Valuable durability:                                         Sustainably designed structures make more out of less by lasting longer. Using materials that naturally stand                                                                                 up to time and the elements means less potential for repair or replacement.
Smart Appliances increase safety, convenience and performance of home appliances while providing an unprecedented level of energy consumption efficiency due to both the way they were built and their ability to automatically control energy currents according to customer usage and needs. The functionality, convenience, security, and savings, benefit of smart appliances is security: not just in terms of security from crime but also home safety, for instance, security from mishaps and home damages. Smart CO2 monitors and smart water leak detectors can save a home from a disastrous mishap, and smart ovens and outlets can detect when something has been left on too long or is reaching a dangerous heat level and shut off automatically. Smart appliances can be controlled remotely via smart phone apps and also communicate with each other to share important information around usage. 

ADU’s make owning a home more affordable by providing an additional source of income, alleviating overcrowding, encourages aging in place, and creates opportunities to help families in need. The home can be shared with relatives or rented to a grateful family looking for a new home. San Diego has a serious problem for capable and hardworking families facing homelessness because there is not enough affordable housing available. ADU’s create an opportunity for these homeowners to contribute to a solution by renting the ADU out at an affordable rate, while supplementing their own mortgage payment. 

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